Free Services

Phone calls for existing and new clients

Just call the office on a Monday or Tuesday morning between 9-10a and you will get to talk to a tax preparer in Ripon that can answer most questions relating to your tax needs. There is no other Accountant in Ripon that offers this service. Tim Wheeler, CPA in Ripon is committed to the best customer service.

Tax Projections

All month of July, you may send your most recent tax info to us and we will provide you an estimate of your tax refund or amount due. This service is available to new clients too! (with a few restrictions).

Free emailed copies of any of your previous tax returns and tax documents on file.

Once we confirm your identity, you will get everything we have, no questions asked.

Review of new clients previous years' returns

Are you confident your taxes have been prepared to your best benefit the past few years? If not, let us take a look. If we find something wrong, we can help! If perfect, then you just got a free assurance of your position with the IRS.

Pre-tax season meetings

We set aside extra time for those of you with more complex tax changes or situations that may require additional face to face meetings. This time can be utilized during the first 3 weeks of January. 

Self-Employment Letter Requests

This may sound like a small item, however many tax firms charge you extra to draft a simple letter to aid you in your refinance or home purchase. We will never charge for such a small service.